February 19 - March 20


Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Planet: Neptune
Element: Water
Key features: sensitivity, intuition, spiritual values, dreamy, loves the movement and change
Best match: Scorpio, Cancer


Have you ever seen a fish that would last in one place for long (unless it was dead of course)? Thus, any healthy fish must be permanently in motion. Pisces working as a cashier in a hypermarket or as a gatekeeper, well, this is not an ideal picture. The suitable place for them is for instance a steward(ess) on the plane, which can comfortably travel around the world and is constantly on the move. That is something what really suits the characteristic of Pisces. If Pisces should stay in one place, it must be a noble ... (more)


Man born under the sign of Pisces is intensively aware of his sensitive personality. He perceives that he is distinct, separate and individual being. He can be responsible. And the Pisces man appreciates life and its fleeting moments. This man realizes that we will not live forever. Pisces men are often emotionally distant from other people. Such man can unconsciously withdraw from an unnecessary activity and work on his own goals ... (more)


Pisces women often avoid obstacles, they are fickle, elusive and subtle. Among their positive personality traits you will find the social conscience, the love of man and animals and increased perception of justice and humanity. The Pisces woman believes in the fateful meetings and love beyond the grave. Although Pisces women love deeply, they still live in their own personal reality, which remains impenetrable to others. Because of the rose-coloured glasses they sometimes ... (more)

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