Pisces Characteristics

February 19 - March 20



Permanently in motion

Have you ever seen a fish that would last in one place for long (unless it was dead of course)? Thus, any healthy fish must be permanently in motion. Pisces working as a cashier in a hypermarket or as a gatekeeper, well, this is not an ideal picture. The suitable place for them is for instance a steward(ess) on the plane, which can comfortably travel around the world and is constantly on the move. That is something what really suits the characteristic of Pisces. If Pisces should stay in one place, it must be a noble bar (or anything similar) where they can spare few words with everyone. Indeed, it has to live around – metaphorically speaking: when a fish can not swim on the high seas, it will be satisfied on the colorful coral reef.

Power and money

Power and money do not attract Pisces much. To have the power carries some responsibilities and worries and often also the need to be chained to one place. Moreover, a Latin proverb says "Standing water becomes putrid" (Capiunt vitium ni moveantur aquae) and Pisces understand this very well. They are spiritually and emotionally based, governed mostly by intuition. Because you must often act quickly in the underwater world and there is usually no time for long analysis and prudent judging. Thus, you can count the developed instinct and universal talent among the regular and apparent characteristics of this animal zodiac sign.

Pisces are aware of the passing value of money more than others, and therefore they are not attracted to wealth on principle. Of course there are many wealthy people born under the sign of Pisces, but it is very likely that their relationship to property is not the same as by others. They perceive money as a necessary mean to live comfortably and not as the ultimate target of life.

Path of least resistance

Only few Pisces have a chance to live in calm waters. Just have a look around. The present hasty world resembles more the wild river or the stormy sea. Every person born under the sign of Pisces has the chance to get comfortably with the flow, but at the cost of wasting the precious time (comfort paid with the price of similarity and conformity). The second option is to defy and sail upstream. This is of course a big challenge. Many Pisces naturally tend to choose the path of least resistance. The saving of energy is characteristic for them more than for any other zodiac sign.


As you know, fish (Pisces) are slimy and if they encounter problems, they naturally try to avoid them rather than to face them straightly. They are dreamers. Pisces often just put on rose-coloured glasses and the world seems to be better immediately. Unfortunately, these perceptions sometimes persist for too long and yet, they loose the real world completely from sight. Indeed, the real fish can live only under water and it does not know our world – what is actually the right metaphor: one can often see how a dreamy fish (Pisces) lives only in a world of its own imagination.

Think about a musician who spends his days imagining crowded halls, planing a nice booklet for a new album and writing down the list of guests to be invited to its release – but so far has not made even the first song of this “dreamed-of” album. Or think about an editor who wants to write a book about local sports veterans, and therefore he or she often meets them. But instead of articles only new restaurant bills are growing on the desk. To drift on dreamy waves is simply more beautiful and much easier than to actually actively sail anywhere. "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere" – this is the characteristic life motto of people born under the Pisces zodiac sign.


To provoke Pisces to a bitter debate is not easy. Pisces are nimble, and they will answer “maybe” instead of direct “yes” or “no” to most of the questions. The world is the infinite ocean for them. Whay should they go for a dogfight when they can swim freely? Only rarely are Pisces pushed into the corner, but even this is not easy to achieve. Remember, have you ever tried to catch a fish in the creek with bare hands? Of course, there are also predatory fish and sharks, but those are really the minority. The skilful ability to escape is very characteristic for Pisces.

Unlike other zodiac sign, Pisces are not very sincere (they suffer with the“white lie” syndrome). Perhaps they say, “Why to rock the boat? We have a busy day today, don't we?” For example if they think that you are badly dressed, they will not tell you directly: Why do you have this terrible clothes?” but rather “Would you like to try that nice shirt, you've got for Christmas?” Intuitively they know that almost nobody wants to hear the naked truth, and moreover – our world spiced with a little imagination is much nicer place to live. Thus, you can count peacefulness and searching for spiritual values to their significant characteristics.

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