Pisces Man

February 19 - March 20


Pisces Man

Man born under the sign of Pisces is intensively aware of his sensitive personality. He perceives that he is distinct, separate and individual being. He can be responsible. And the Pisces man appreciates life and its fleeting moments. This man realizes that we will not live forever. Pisces men are often emotionally distant from other people. Such man can unconsciously withdraw from an unnecessary activity and work on his own goals.

Personality Traits

Pisces men live without prejudice. They are sympathetic and perceptive. Before this man would start to criticize, for example, nudists on the beach, he would undress first, at least for a while, and try what it actually feels like to be completely naked in the sun. Most noticeable traits of the Pisces personality are the changeable mood, the sensitive nature and the high ability of empathy.

Pisces is a curious and romantic soul. You will certainly not be bored with such a man. But frankly, only if he will not swim to another woman. Unfortunately, even with this fact you need to count (the feeling of freedom is often stronger than the urge of responsibility). But if you are lucky, and you certainly are, you come across a sensitive and perceptive man who is faithful and likes to help others. However, be prepared that variability and unstable temperament are present among his personality traits.

Pisces are adaptable and they usually hold back in society. The question is how they grasp the important chance which comes from time to time. Some men do not recognize the tide, even though the water goes to their ankles and their shoes are already pretty wet. But the high tide is essential (it is a metaphor for the influx of positive occasions). When Pisces do not use it in their prime, you can hardly expect they success in an old age. Than, such lost existence is often happy enough only with own dreams. But if you notice that your partner is a fish that really knows how to seize opportunities, then you can cruise the sea along happily for many years. The sense of romance and imagination are important traits of his personality.

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