Pisces Woman

February 19 - March 20


Pisces woman

Pisces women often avoid obstacles, they are fickle, elusive and subtle. Among their positive personality traits you will find the social conscience, the love of man and animals and increased perception of justice and humanity. The Pisces woman believes in the fateful meetings and love beyond the grave. Although Pisces women love deeply, they still live in their own personal reality, which remains impenetrable to others. Because of the rose-coloured glasses they sometimes have problems coping with everyday practical life.

Personality Traits

The Pisces woman makes fine and very feminine impression on men. These women do not have a desire to control man's life. The Pisces woman falls in love with dreams and ideals of the man, to be able to share them. She can sometimes think that a man can drive a car with one hand and solve crossword puzzles with the other – just because he is the right one, the loved one!

Do you think it is far-fetched or a complete fairy tale? Truly, such behaviour in love does belong to Pisces and to their very specific personality traits! Many Pisces women never sober up from the dream of love. The Pisces woman is not governed by reason and by profit-seeking calculations, but above all by feelings and intuition. She is able to know soon if they are both tuned to the same wavelength with the man. And to live with someone without love just for the money? This is definitely not a tempting idea for women born under the sign of Pisces.

Pisces women are very sociable – you know the shoals of fish that sail the seas in the same direction? These are the ones, Pisces! They appreciate hearty relationships and peaceful environment around. If you take good care of them, they will reward you with tenderness and love. The ability to reflect the energy you give them is very important personality trait of all Pisces women. Thus, be careful how you address them and treat them.

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